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"Let's free the plant globally for a chemical-free conscious next generation of humanity."
- Heman B. Shahi

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Cannabis shares a long old history linked with Hinduism, Islam, Rastafarianism, and indigenous traditions in Asia, Africa. There are references to cannabis in the Atharva Veda, it is considered one of the sacred plants on the list of 5 herbs with its spiritual and mental benefits. The BHANG is still used on various occasions as the holy offering to the lord, CHARAS is the ritual in Holi festival that is been celebrated singer 1000's of years

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We are on mission to show indisputable facts of our culture and nation.


History of Cannabis in Nepal

From The Hippie Trail to the Prohibition due to Pressure by US Government In 1973, We share the long history of Cannabis. Herbal use is reflected in various shastras of the Hindu religion.


Global Acceptance

As various countries including USA and Canada have already initiated the legalization by taking steps for medical and recreational use, The world is rapidly coming up with the Acceptance of Cannabis.


Medical Values

The Contains of CBD which has positive impacts on brain & body that helps in Relieve of chronic pain, Help lose weight, Improves lung capacity, Fight cancer, Regulate seizures, Mend bones.


Mainstream Media

The power and advancement of technology need to be amplified to educate people about social, medical, and cultural aspects rather than a monopoly of a system that pushes the use of toxic chemicals.

Explore Nepal

Let’s Deep Dive into million ways to love Nepal.

Hippie Trail to Nepal

In the late 1950s Independent travelers sought to take the overland route from Europe to the Middle East and to South Asia via buses, vans and cars. The travelers experienced local cultures across different cities, smoked different strains of marijuana from different countries and tripped on psychedelics. This became a movement of a generation, it gained massive popularity and soon everyone was aware of the Hippie Trail. Hippies from the West traveled all the way to Freak Street in Kathmandu which was famous for its legal cannabis shops that sold everything from marijuana buds to hash coffee and brownies. On the economical side, Hippie Trail mostly...

The Spiritual Side of Cannabis

According to the Atharva Veda, one of Hinduism's four sacred texts, cannabis is among the top five most revered plants in the world. Hindus consume cannabis as a gift during festivals, namely, Maha Shivaratri and Holi festivals. Ascetics (Sadhu) who practice marijuana use it for meditation, spiritual growth, and the pursuit of divinity. Ascetics can often be observed smoking charas or ganja from a clay pipe known as a chillum in Pashupatinath Temple and other temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. Bhang, a beverage made from ground cannabis leaves, nuts, dried fruits, and spices, is regarded as a wise way to atone for sins in religious rituals. It can also be consumed by rolling it into tiny balls....

On-Going Scenario on Legalization in Nepal

Read Official Paper of Nepal Government.

After almost 4 decades of banning cannabis, there is a new bill that is proposed to legalize cannabis. The heat is started because Nepal banned it because of the pressure of western nations & they are legalizing it rapidly. The bill seeks to regulate and promote the cultivation and trade of cannabis in Nepal. Uruguay was the first country to legalize in 2013, after that in 2017 Canada and the the United States. on July 16, 1973, Nepal had banned where it is illegal to consume, cultivate and trade cannabis, according to the Narcotic Drugs (Control) Act, 2033

Visit Nepal 2023

Let’s make visit Nepal campaign successful

Explore Mount Everest

The breathtaking Everest is the highest peak in the world standing at 8848.86 meters. Only a little over 5000 people have successfully reached the peak. There are several other monumental Himalayan ranges along the North of Nepal.

Explore Lumbini

Take a trip to the birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha and learn about the origin and history of Buddhism. Rejoice in the scenic famous gardens of Lumbini. Expand your knowledge about the archaeological aspect of Kapilvastu and as a souvenir.

Explore Wildlife

Take any scenic route to wildlife reserves spread across the country and catch sight of the rarest animals in the world. The reserves are a shrine to nature; Natives have a cultural connection with nature and it is considered to be Holy.

Explore History

Witness for yourself the four World Heritage Sites spread across the nation. Visit the birthplace of the Gurkhas and immerse yourself in preserved cultures. Be amazed by the architecture and the ancient sculptures of the City of Temples and other religious holy places.

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